Developers Start WordPress Gutenberg Now

just a rough place of where to start

install a fresh version of WordPress

follow this tutorial

You will end up with:

You will have used Automattic Gutenberg and Ahmad Awais Gutenberg-Boilerplate

Notice the registerBlockType function on the block.js file.

Then make another block, yet name it something different than ‘hello-world’. Switch out some of the functioning to get an idea how it works.

Next, check out some of Zac Gordon’s videos out:
An Overview of registerBlockType for Building Blocks with Gutenberg in WordPress

JavaScript Libraries Bundled with Gutenberg Editor in WordPress

more at Gutenberg Handbook

check out attributes to extend functioning
more on attributes
creating dynamic blocks
updating existing blocks–future building extending

article from Riad Benguella

Check out Matt’s AWP Gutenberg collection