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Newport Beach, California, United States – April 1, 2011 – Increase the productivity of workflow, Orca Web Performance offers solutions to streamlining business practices to improve productivity, quality, and the bottom-line.

We are living in an information age, where the ability to transfer information freely and to have instant access to knowledge that would have been difficult or previously impossible to find. Everything is moving quicker and quicker, we expect to get our news faster, service quicker, and our information immediately. Increasing speed and efficiency in business is critical to be competitive/successful.

By setting up a content management system for your business needs managing (retrieval/updating/processing) company information can be cut by up to 70%. A smart system is the difference that can be as dramatic as going from place to place via bicycle versus car. Offices that are currently still using paper have the biggest gains, those that currently use computer to create and store documents are about half way there. With a smart business solution, not only are documents stored, they are at your fingertips, real-time updates, eliminate duplicate entry, reminders for when due dates are approaching, make mass changes a manageable task, create no brainer processing flow, and increase communication and management for day to day tasks.

Orca Web Performance is here to assist in the assessing your current business processes and match them up with a content management system specifically designed to save your company valuable time and money that will increase productivity, service, and improve quality of work flow on a daily basis.

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